Butterfly,  Butterfly park Bali
Rice field Jatiluwah, Bali
Rice field Jatiluwah, Bali
Rice field Jatiluwah, Bali
Tanah Lot, Bali

The natural wildlife of Bali

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The natural wildlife of Bali

Let the pristine nature of Bali take you all over. From monkeys, butterflies to a spread fields of rice in the high villages up to the place where sun kisses the water. Just forget about everything else and let nature be part of you for this day.

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All about the The natural wildlife of Bali.

We will hit the road with a private car and driver and explore a bit more natural side of Bali, heading toward middle east side of Bali.

The natural rice fields named Jatiluwih,  natural park with monkeys, butterfly park as the presence of butterflies is an indicator for the biodiversity of an area, as is whether it is affected by pesticides or environmental change and finish on a sunset in a beautiful temple Tanah Lot

  1. 09.00-11.00 Rice field

    700m above the sea level spread extensive and panoramic view of the spacious and stunning rice field. Next to the north, streching the heavily wooded mountains with coll air.

  2. 11.00-13.00 Butterfly park

    On a area of 1 hectare with netting area of 3,700 m2 this park deserves your attention. The park includes all kinds of butterflies living in Indonesia. You can even see one of the most famous butterfly in thew world Bird of heaven. This is the only Indonesian butterfly park that breed once menangkar butterfly for purposes of scientific knowledge or a study of education in the future.

  3. 13.00-14.30 Monkey forest

    This monkey forest is located in the village of Marga.  It has a charm and the dense forest inhabited by monkeys, up to hundreds an estimated 400monkey population.Beside monkeys and temple there is also large collection of bats ( hanging on the tree of lifew to sleep while waiting for night fall.

  4. 14.30-18.00 Tanah Lot

    This temple is a place of worship of gods guard the sea. The temple is located in the middle of the sea, when the tide. By the time the tide temple is clearly visible in the middle of the sea. For Hindus who pray to the Tanah lot temple should  come at low tide, so people can cross to it. Tanah lot is heading to west so best time to visit is at sunset when sun kisses the sea.