If you love fishing then fishing with locals who are passionate about it would be a perfect experience for you.  Fishing in deep sea with an excellent knowledge of local fisherman and a local boat, settled with all equipment you need, so your adventure  can start easily. Catch a Spanish mackerel, barracuda, grouper or snapper and in the evening enjoy your catch grilled in a home of a fisherman. The fishing is in deep sea so expect a drive with a boat for at lest an hour to your location and make sure fisherman take you to his secret spot. More welcoming experience you can not get!

Oh yeah, and thanks for all the fishes!

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    Fishing in the seas of South Lombok

    1/2 day

    Fishing in the seas of South Lombok Explore something different. if you are a fan of fishing then this is a right choice for you. Spend a day with a local fisherman on his boat ,driven to his hidden places ...

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      Try scuba diving in Gilis

      1 DAY

      Try scuba diving in Gilis Gili Trawangan has no cars or motorbikes, making it ideal for families and those who want to completely unwind. Nothing in Trawangan is too far away. Walking, cidomo, or bicycle is the only ...

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